RV Club Blesses Newberg Family At Christmas

In October the Pacers RV club asked Love INC how they could bless a client with a monetary gift to help with their family Christmas. We suggested paying a utility bill for one of our families so their own money could be used for whatever they need for Christmas. The club gave a gift of $300 and asked that we give it to a Relational Ministry client with children who would benefit from not having to pay their PGE bill this month so they can put their own money towards Christmas for their kids.

We chose a gentleman who is very deserving. He is a divorced father raising three kids who also works full time at a restaurant. He attended our Money Management class this fall and has made great strides to better his financial situation, which was left in a bit of a mess after his divorce. He attended every class session, completed all of his homework, was engaged in group discussions, and has begun paying off his debt.

He was thrilled and humbled when I told him he had been chosen for this generous gift. He told me to tell whoever was the donor that "dinner is on me". I explained to him that it came from an RV club and that they would be happy just to know how appreciative he is. He's been working on paying off a past-due PGE bill and the $300 gift pretty much paid that off. So now, instead of making that payment this month, he'll have money to buy gifts for his children.

What an awesome gift of Christmas generosity!

In just two months you helped “Matt” and “Christy” go from homeless to self-sufficient!

Matt and Christy are a young couple with a baby who came to Love INC recently, in need of help with just about everything. They were "couch surfing" with a friend, didn't have jobs, and weren't able to get jobs because they didn't have ID's or the means to pay the fees to get them.

Several of you, through our partner churches, helped them with things like bikes, personal care items, bus passes, Non-Food Pantry items, diapers and clothes for their baby, and laundry service. Other community partners also helped by providing free counseling and physical therapy sessions (thanks to George Fox University) and free eye exams and glasses for both of them (thanks to VSP Global Eyes of Hope).

You also helped us pay for their new identification cards!

All of these small steps led to a giant hand up for Matt, Christy and their precious baby boy.

They contacted us this week to let YOU know that Matt now has a job and they have become self-sufficient! Thank you for your generosity and allowing God to orchestrate all of these positive changes for this lovely young couple!

“The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” – 2 Peter 3:9

Generous Locals Gift a Bike!

“Casey” is a young man who is a newer client of Love INC. We had given him a bike to get back and forth to work, for which he was extremely grateful.

His bike ended up needing some minor repairs, so he took it to the bicycle shop here in Newberg to see what they could do for him on his limited budget.

They pointed out that the bike he had really wasn't the best for his body type, and suggested he get a different bike.

When he told the store that he had gotten the bike from Love INC, they gave him a new bike free of charge! They even generously fixed up the used bike and donated it back to the bike ministry.

“If among you, one of your brothers should become poor, in any of your towns within your land that the Lord your God is giving you, you shall not harden your heart or shut your hand against your poor brother, but you shall open your hand to him and lend him sufficient for his need, whatever it may be.” - Deuteronomy 15:7–8

I Feel Like I’ve Been Saved: Dawn’s Successful Graduation from the TLP

When we first met “Dawn,” her life was unstable and chaotic. She was staying at friend’s houses or hotels while trying to find a job to keep her and her children’s lives afloat. When she had to give her children up to the foster care system, she knew it was time to get some help.

Once Dawn was admitted into the Transitional Living Program (TLP), she felt immediate relief. Melanie, the Transitional Living Coach, was able to give her realistic goals to be able to get her back on her feet again.

“I didn’t have anybody to help me before, Melanie gave me hope. I had a sense of purpose.”

When Melanie saw Dawn’s drive to not only get her life back on track but to regain custody of her children, she knew exactly who would be the best mentor for Dawn. Kim has a similar story and has been successfully living on her own with her children since leaving the shelter almost three years earlier.

With Melanie and Kim by her side, in just six months Dawn was able to find and keep a job, save enough money to move into her own house and is well on her way to getting her kids back. Praise God!

When asked how her relationship with God was before and after her time in the TLP, “I was kind of close to God, but now I’m reading my Bible more and I’m much closer to Him. I feel like I’ve been saved” she said with tears in her eyes.

While Dawn is on her way to independence and financial freedom, she knows that she still has Melanie, Kim and all the staff and volunteers at Love INC as her support. “While Dawn thinks that I inspire her, it’s actually the opposite. She inspires and motivates me every day” Kim noted. “She can’t escape us!”

Dawn has a special message for every volunteer and donor who made this journey possible: “thank you for helping me walk through this part of my life. I look forward to what happens next.”

“For we are glad when we are weak and you are strong. Your restoration is what we pray for.” -2 Corinthians 13:9 (ESV)



We wanted to give you another praise-worthy update from Dawn’s story last week:

The same day that Dawn gave us a list of all the furniture and other items she needs for her new apartment, another client called wanting to donate many of the same items she needs.

We were able to connect the two of them, and a team of volunteers from Newberg Christian Church is going to help facilitate the movement of the furniture from the other client's storage unit!

Devin & Grace Don’t Have to Sleep on the Floor Anymore!

“Devin” and “Grace” are a lovely older couple who just moved to Newberg from California. They don't have a car so they were referred to Love INC by another organization to get bus passes.

In their intake interview they mentioned that they're sleeping on the floor and would love to have a mattress to sleep on, but can't afford one because their only income is from disability.

The intake volunteer told them we would keep the mattress in mind in case anyone called wanting to donate one. But what she didn't know is that the week before this intake our Program Manager had been contacted by someone wanting to donate a mattress.

She thought they would have already donated it elsewhere since a week had passed, but as God's perfect timing would have it they still had it and now Devin and Grace no longer have to sleep on the floor. And it even came with a memory foam topper for extra comfort!

“I am the LORD your God, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt. Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.” -Psalms 81:10

It was the coldest day before Christmas break, but they called just in time!

“Jane” is a long time Love INC client, so when this emergency arose she knew who to call!

The morning of one of Newberg’s coldest days, Jane’s husband discovered that the propane tanks in their trailer (where they live) had run out. This meant they had no heat and not near enough money to fill them up.

When they scraped together enough money to try and fill them, the gas station they were told their tanks were too old to fill up!

Jane reached out to us for help, a donor was able to meet her need through Love INC.

We are continually inspired by the Christians in our community who can respond to immediate needs in these special cases. Because of your generosity, Jane and her husband are warm and safe.

" Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon." - Isaiah 58:10-11 -