Letter From A Client

We recently received the following excerpt of a letter from a client:

Dear Love INC.,

Just a feel-good story on my Leap of Faith Journey… I am so broke that I live my financial life by one tank of gas. It costs approx. $45.00 to fill my tank up. I was clearing out my stuff that I had moved with and had a few items that I though would be a good fit in Aurora antique stores. My expectations on the few items were to sell [and earn] maybe two takes of gas total. After I spoke with the store owner a while, she offered me $200 for all. I was very happy and so was she. We made the transaction and I was on my way. After being so thankful and in prayers, I believe that it was the Holy Spirit that came into my heart and just simply said give half of it away.

If you remember me in my conversation when I was at the office picking up basic household supplies I mentioned that when I get back on my feet Love Inc. is going to be my choice of charity [to give back to]…Well, I’m not even close to being back on my feet, but that being said, your organization, Love Inc,. is my choice for the $100.

Thank you and God does bless us in mysterious ways.

Blessed Donation

Last week we were contacted by a mattress company asking if they could donate a 2-month-old king sized mattress (cost $1500 new). Their client ended up wanting something different than what they had originally bought so the company replaced it for them.

The company has a policy of donating returned mattresses and since their client lives in Newberg, we were the first organization they called.

The day they called happened to have been our last night of spring term of Relational Ministry classes so we announced that this mattress may be available. A married couple attending that class mentioned that they were in need of a new mattress.

So on Monday we called the company, they put us in touch with their client, then we contacted one of our volunteers who agreed to pick it up and deliver it.

This almost-new, excellent quality mattress will arrive at our client’s home tomorrow evening!

“Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much better than they?” Matthew 6:26