RV Club Blesses Newberg Family At Christmas

In October the Pacers RV club asked Love INC how they could bless a client with a monetary gift to help with their family Christmas. We suggested paying a utility bill for one of our families so their own money could be used for whatever they need for Christmas. The club gave a gift of $300 and asked that we give it to a Relational Ministry client with children who would benefit from not having to pay their PGE bill this month so they can put their own money towards Christmas for their kids.

We chose a gentleman who is very deserving. He is a divorced father raising three kids who also works full time at a restaurant. He attended our Money Management class this fall and has made great strides to better his financial situation, which was left in a bit of a mess after his divorce. He attended every class session, completed all of his homework, was engaged in group discussions, and has begun paying off his debt.

He was thrilled and humbled when I told him he had been chosen for this generous gift. He told me to tell whoever was the donor that "dinner is on me". I explained to him that it came from an RV club and that they would be happy just to know how appreciative he is. He's been working on paying off a past-due PGE bill and the $300 gift pretty much paid that off. So now, instead of making that payment this month, he'll have money to buy gifts for his children.

What an awesome gift of Christmas generosity!