Relational Ministry Participants Have Paid Off Over $3,000 of Debt Thanks to You!


After completing all of their measured goals and almost perfect attendance, you have matched $1 for $1 over $3,000 of Relational Ministry participant's debt. And that is just in the last 3 months!

A few participants wanted to thank you for your donations:

"Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Money Management. I am thankful for the money match program as it has helped me to apply a larger deposit than I could afford alone. The deposit was applied to the City of Dundee where I have fines that needed to be payed or put on a payment plan in order to obtain my license with DMV.

With your help, and the deposit with money match, I was able to get on a payment plan with the City of Dundee. This is HUGE!

With my whole heart, Thank you."


"I appreciate your Money Match gift because of the $200 given toward my gall bladder removal bill I am able to move forward with getting my much needed dental work worked on. I'm so thankful."


"I want to thank you for providing the funds for this program to help me get ahead on my debt it brings me so much closer to my goal of paying this debt off. I appreciate all your help, thank you!"