Letter From A Client

We recently received the following excerpt of a letter from a client:

Dear Love INC.,

Just a feel-good story on my Leap of Faith Journey… I am so broke that I live my financial life by one tank of gas. It costs approx. $45.00 to fill my tank up. I was clearing out my stuff that I had moved with and had a few items that I though would be a good fit in Aurora antique stores. My expectations on the few items were to sell [and earn] maybe two takes of gas total. After I spoke with the store owner a while, she offered me $200 for all. I was very happy and so was she. We made the transaction and I was on my way. After being so thankful and in prayers, I believe that it was the Holy Spirit that came into my heart and just simply said give half of it away.

If you remember me in my conversation when I was at the office picking up basic household supplies I mentioned that when I get back on my feet Love Inc. is going to be my choice of charity [to give back to]…Well, I’m not even close to being back on my feet, but that being said, your organization, Love Inc,. is my choice for the $100.

Thank you and God does bless us in mysterious ways.