Relational Ministry

Single Father Can Purchase Christmas Gifts!

As the Christmas season is approaching, we’d like to share a story from last year:

“Jeremy” is a divorced father of three who works full time at a restaurant. He made great strides in bettering his financial situation by conscientious participation in the Relational Ministry Money Management class.  He attended weekly, completed all of his homework, and was working on paying off a past-due PGE bill.

Last December, he was thrilled and humbled to learn he’d be the recipient of a $300 PGE voucher donated by the Pacers RV Club.  With no PGE bill to pay, a grateful, hopeful father was able to purchase Christmas gifts for his children. 

“No, dear brothers, I am still not all I should be, but I am bringing all my energies to bear on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead”  Philippians 3:12-1

Relational Ministry Participants Have Paid Off Over $3,000 of Debt Thanks to You!


After completing all of their measured goals and almost perfect attendance, you have matched $1 for $1 over $3,000 of Relational Ministry participant's debt. And that is just in the last 3 months!

A few participants wanted to thank you for your donations:

"Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Money Management. I am thankful for the money match program as it has helped me to apply a larger deposit than I could afford alone. The deposit was applied to the City of Dundee where I have fines that needed to be payed or put on a payment plan in order to obtain my license with DMV.

With your help, and the deposit with money match, I was able to get on a payment plan with the City of Dundee. This is HUGE!

With my whole heart, Thank you."


"I appreciate your Money Match gift because of the $200 given toward my gall bladder removal bill I am able to move forward with getting my much needed dental work worked on. I'm so thankful."


"I want to thank you for providing the funds for this program to help me get ahead on my debt it brings me so much closer to my goal of paying this debt off. I appreciate all your help, thank you!"


Two couples who are clients of Love INC have recently purchased homes!

"Ron" and "Meg" came to Love INC just 9 months ago. They were staying in an RV with their two young children and were looking for help getting housing. The Relational Ministry Money Management class was starting just two days after they did their intake and they jumped right in.

In that class they learned how to better manage their money and with changes they made in their lives, along with the help Love INC gave them through our Money Match program, they were soon able to purchase a home!

They've continued in Relational Ministry and have now completed three of our classes, with plans to take their final class this fall.

"Eve" and "Yanis," along with their two little girls, came to Love INC just two months ago, looking for help with financial struggles. They were given vouchers for several of Gap Ministries, then they started right into the Relational Ministry Money Management class that started just three days after their intake.

With the help you gave them, along with implementing the principles they learned in Money Management, they have been able to finally cross the last hurdles they needed to complete to be able to purchase a house.

They're just waiting for the final inspection and paperwork to be signed before they can move in.

You are a part of these families' beautiful stories. Thank you for making the funds and programs available to help families such as these.

Treasures from Relational Ministry

Witnessing the eyes of participants light up with discovery and self-realization is one of the biggest treasures from being a part of Relational Ministry. This term was no different!

Nine participants (along with their mentors) learned valuable skills in Money Management. "I was pleased and surprised by how much I learned in this class. The way [the instructor] brought Bible verses into it that I thought had nothing to do with finances was fascinating." – “Megan”

"This class was a revelation. I loved it and everything that I got from it." – “Chris”

We also had two new Nutrition instructors who gave great advice to five participants who were struggling with a multitude of health problems. "I am incredibly grateful to Casey and Dawn for coming alongside me in my health” said “Heather.”

Eleven participants even paid off their debt and were matched $1 for $1 with funds donated by you!

The relationships between instructors, mentors and participants grow to strong bonds that continue outside of class more often than not. These special relationships and the Christ-centric teaching are the key to true transformation for everyone involved.

“Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.” 2 Corinthians 5:17